Factory-Trained Applicator Program* is Back!

What: The purpose of the training program is to familiarize participants with all aspects of applying CIM high performance coatings and liners. At the end of the training you will know:

  • When and where to use the correct CIM
  • Surface preparation, inspection issues and requirements
  • Recommended project staffing, skill requirements with hands-on demonstrations
  • Proper application techniques and requirements with hands-on demonstrations

Classroom Site: 


3801 Quebec St, Denver, CO 80207

When: March 26h., 2020

Agenda: 8:30 am Start Time

  • Factory trained applicator program
  • CIM coatings, linings and supporting products.
  • Lab session: what can go wrong
  • When, where and why to use CIM
  • Surface preparation, inspection and defect identification.
  • Environmental monitoring
  • CIM material preparation
  • CIM coating application methods and equipment
  • Joint sealant design and installation with CIM
  • Coating inspection and problem resolution

Practical Application, Hands on and Spray Technique: 

Where: Sunshine Supply, Co 4090 Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80216

When: 2:30 pm-5:00 pm


 *Completion of CIM factory trained applicator program is required for contractors to bid on specifications where factory training is required